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The future of BPO is proactive services

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Provide Proactive Call Center Offerings

Use outcome-based Offering and Pricing Model

Build an Omni-channel Contact Center

Increase Revenue with Cross-sell/Upsell Signals

Improve Your Call Center Workflows On-the-go
Transform your BPO Services
Chase your clients on the basis of your end goal
Provide pro-active call center services

Instead of running your call center processes reactively, where clients must give you individual lists to call, move to a proactive process. LeadSquared would capture live signals from your clients’ core systems, and would recommend actions to call center agents, who can then call the customers proactively.
Bring outcome focus to your service and pricing model

Go beyond calls handled and hours worked – use outcome-centric metrics to price your services. LeadSquared gives you prescriptive insights to assess exactly how many resources would be needed to meet a certain outcome for your clients.
Build an omni-channel Contact Center for exceptional customer experience 

Build trigger-based prospect communication workflows easily in LeadSquared. You can reach your client’s prospects on the channel of their choice – email, text messages, WhatsApp, phone calls or customer portals based on their activities, queries or just periodically.
Increase revenue with cross-sell/upsell signals 

Increase customer lifetime value and retention rates for your clients by identifying and acting upon cross-sell and upsell opportunities. For example, a home loan customer who visits the car loan page on your client’s website can be offered a pre-approved vehicle loan.
Email Campaign Reports

Get detailed analytics on how your dynamic communication campaigns, emails, SMSs etc. are performing. You get details like the best subject lines, best days of the week and the times of the day to send emails. 

email campaign analysis
Optimize your workflows on-the-go

Flexible workflow builder to design your call center and communication campaigns. You can define the flow, frequency and nature of calls, text messages, emails and other campaigns to achieve the decided outcome (number of meetings, revenue or more).
Enhance customer experience with every interaction

An uninformed call center agent with no idea about customer details, conversation history, and other such details can be troublesome, especially for existing customers. Help your agents have a well-informed conversation by giving them complete customer details on every single call.
detailed performance report
Complete outcome-based performance tracking

LeadSquared allows you to view outcome-based reports and judge the success of a campaign accordingly. This not only helps you identify the best agents but also lets you train new agents fast and efficiently.

Our channels for acquiring customers are not just online. Before LeadSquared, there was a lot of leakage in fetching all the online & offline leads. We have drastically reduced leakage in 6 major channels, with present leakage less than 1%. Another great benefit is standardization of our communication to customers.

Akhil Sikri
Co-Founder, Zolo Stays

Smart views help our agents intercept all the incoming requests quickly & call the patient in a few minutes, reducing the decision-making time. Automation handles all our lead management activities, from lead allocation to lead prioritization. Plus, our daily call center efficiency per agent has increased by 60%.

Siddhartha Nihalani
AVP - Engineering, Practo
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