Closing the Divide Between Marketing & Admissions

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Learn how to create a cohesive and effective Marketing and Admissions team at your school in this webinar! 

Shubh Mishra from LeadSquared and Gregg Meiklejohn and Tom King from Enrollment Resources, take a closer look at the relationship - the attainable, mutually beneficial, revenue generating, relationship - between Admissions and Marketing that is possible at every school. They'll show you - 
  • Why this relationship is so important, 
  • What happens when it’s broken, and
  • How you can use technology and practical processes to repair, maintain and support it at your school. 

Gregg Meiklejohn​
Co-Founder at Enrollment Resources

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Gregg Meiklejohn

Co-Founder at Enrollment Resources
As a strategic marketer with nearly 30 years of experience, Enrollment Resources CEO and co-founder Gregg Meiklejohn is an expert in market research and branding businesses through online and traditional public relations tactics. He is also Enrollment Resources’ Scenario Planner, analyzing and calling industry trends before they emerge into public view.​ 


Closing the Divide between Marketing & Admissions

Thursday, December 6th 2018