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Prioritize leads & tasks, get recommendations for the next actions and help your team execute them. Trusted by 15,000 sales users across the globe.
+40% Increase in Enrolments - IILM College
+50% Increase in Sales Velocity - Viktre
<1% Lead Leakage - Zelo

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Forget bulky CRM systems for good

Lead Tracking
Capture and monitor all calls, emails and chat interactions your leads have with your business

Lead Qualification
Focus your sales efforts on leads which meet your quality criteria

Lead Distribution
Distribute your leads based on geography, interest or any other criteria

Email Integration
Sync your sales seamlessly with LeadSquared

Sales Automation
Automate tasks like lead and task assignment, list creation, sales notification and more

Sales Tracking
Monitor every aspect of your people, funnel and revenue
Simple Mobile CRM to Run Your Entire Field Sales Operations
  • ​Watch your field sales team closely even from miles away.
  • Geo Track and manage the efficiently
  • Check the contacts within your vicinity
  • Make your mobile a lead capture machine

Integrate with the Apps you love

Integrate LeadSquared with all sales apps that you use. Cloud telephony integrations (like SuperReceptionist, Exotel and more) allow you to capture calls as leads, and record and track phone calls for quality-control. Call center integration helps you manage your entire tele-sales operations. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.
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Our sales team knows exactly which lead to chase first

“LeadSquared has put us in complete control of our leads. It’s easy to track them, share information between teams and follow up in a timely manner. The sales team is also much more efficient.”

Carlene Whitehead
Storm Internet

Great Lead Management tool with sensible pricing

“In addition to the fact that Leadsquared does what it is supposed to incredibly well, it comes with a sensible price tag. The people are extremely nice and actually respond to any questions and requests that you may have.”

David Kulikoff

Arrant Lights

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