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“Easy to distribute work, no more excel sheets to maintain. Easy to follow up”

Ayush Jain


“It is easy to track leads, share informatiom between teams and follow up in a timely manner.”

Carlene Whitehead

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Why pay more for a great CRM?
While there are many good CRM solutions, most either don’t offer what
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Admissions CRM to help achieve your enrollment goals
Get more student inquiries, identify best candidates & distribute leads to admissions team

Lead deduplication
Make sure that a prospective student’s queries and activities are tracked under a single record – even if they use multiple channels of communication (email, web-form, phone call etc).

Complete Lead Profile
Get detailed insights into the lead's interests, preferences and hobbies by tracking their activities. You even have access to the social profile of the prospective candidate.

Lead Distribution
Instantly distribute student inquiries to the right departments, based on pre-defined triggers. This helps reduce response time and improve student experience.
Automatically distribute admissions inquiries to different teams
Trigger distribution based on course preference, campus preference, GPA and other factors

Know your leads inside out
Track your prospective students to know their interests and preferences (course of choice, campus location, communication channels etc.). Complete website and communication tracking.

Send them right offers
Send the most effective and relevant offers for your prospective students, at the right time. For instance: Send them scholarship details if they bounce off after viewing the course fee details.

Reach out on the right channels
Share these offers with the prospective students across different communication channels - email, SMS, social media retargeting (Facebook etc.), push notifications etc
Manage the student application lifecycle smoothly
Manage complete prospective student journey from inquiry to enrollment.

Sets context to the conversation
Your admissions team has all the information they need to make enticing conversations with the prospective students. Powerful conversation with crystal clear context

Reduce response time
Advanced lead distribution tools allow your admissions team to reach out to a prospective student as soon as an inquiry is made, thereby reducing response time

Prioritize student reachout
Track prospective students’ quality scores & activities, and help admission officers prioritize their efforts, improve efficiency, and contact the most relevant prospects first.
Make your admissions team mobile

Mobile CRM for your recruitment officers attending education fairs and other college-student interaction events. Register inquiries on-the-spot.
Complete admissions insights

Track all your marketing, course, and admissions team performance. Get complete insights into the performance of your teams, your courses, campuses etc.
Integrate with SIS and other apps

Integrate LeadSquared with all the marketing & sales apps that you use. Integrations include Cloud telephony integrations (like SuperReceptionist, CallRail etc.), Call center integration, Chat integrations, Student Information System integrations, Zapier integration and more.
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