How to Develop a Kick-ass Lead Gen Strategy for Travel Businesses!


Pre lead gen - The 'whys' and 'hows' of customer identification, targeting & segmentation   
Content based lead gen - Offer creation, medium selection and other conversion elements
Post lead gen - Keeping the conversation going till leads become customers
What worked and what didn't, in the past

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About the Speakers


Ashish Dhar, Founder and Director, Great Wide Open Adventure Travels

Ashish helps connect adventure travellers to the best local adventure specialists in India directly, through his platform. Needless to say, he loves travelling himself, and heads out for quick travel escapades, when he is not helping people do it. 

Siddhant Dhingra, CMO, Great Wide Open Adventure Travel

Siddharth is no stranger to adventure tourism, having co-founded  K2K Adventure Travel Network Pvt. Ltd. in the past  and an avid traveller himself. But, whether he is outdoors or not, he is always exploring new ways to generate leads for his passion turned profession.