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Improved our conversion rates by 30%.
LeadSquared is a tool that I have been recommending to a lot of my peers. It is not just a CRM, it is a holistic and complete tool that can be customized to your business needs. Besides, the support team is highly responsive and helps you resolve your issues as soon as possible. ​With everything that LeadSquared has brought to our business, we can easily say that it has helped us improve our conversion rates by 30%.

Parth Pande
Complete digitization and insightful analytics
The platform by LeadSquared has added value in the complete digitization of our lead management process. Additionally, the analytics derived have been extremely insightful for us

Jyothirlata B
Improved Funnel Quality by 70%
Due to pre-screening automation, we are able to reject files right at the onset. By doing that we are able to improve our main funnel quality by 60 to 70%. Only the quality data moves to the core underwriting process, and our underwriting bandwidth is not getting choked.

Vaibhav Maheshwari
Former AVP
Sales conversions have improved by 25%
Finnable has been using LeadSquared for more than 2 years to manage the entire business process. We are glad that it has helped increase our productivity along the way with its product capability and support system.

Nitin Gupta
Enables a Real-Time Touch Base
We use the Leadsquared tool for outbound calling to enhance our tele-sales efforts. The automated lead allocation to agents enables almost a real-time touch-base with the drop-off user thereby increasing the probability of a positive conversion, and a better customer experience. The tech-support is very prompt and resourceful which ensures a near-zero downtime and no negative business impact.

Shalabh Govil