Growth Hacks From Top EdTech Industry Experts 

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of the EdTech industry. While landing student inquiries might not be a pressing issue, converting them into customers can be difficult. Especially when there is aggressive competition in the online learning space. EdTech founders have started leveraging digital platforms to make the student onboarding journey as seamless as possible. However, what are the top EdTech players doing to accelerate their course subscriptions in order to stay ahead of the curve? 
The EdTech growth hack guidebook delves into the landscape of the online learning market and talks about first-hand learnings from the experts to increase EdTechs course subscription rate.
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In order to keep your EdTech in sync with the new digital reality, a strategic investment needs to be made to accelerate course subscription rates, as people are skeptical about choosing from a variety of EdTechs. This Guidebook will help you:
Your day-to-day operations and whiteboard activities 
Your sales and marketing methods to ensure higher ROI from sales and marketing teams
Innovative methods by implementing technology to capture student inquiries and help convert them into paying customers 
Build A strong sales funnel with the help of brand marketing and multiple student acquisition channels
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