The PPC Secret - We made the mistakes, so you won't have to
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Manager - Paid Campaigns 

Dhivya has been a PPC advertiser for over 5 years now. She has helped LeadSquared in onboarding around 200 customers and has generated 20,000 leads from PPC. Through this webinar, Dhivya aims to help marketers avoid the mistakes that she made, and identify just the right campaigns to run, and the best practices of running them.

Director Of Marketing

Rajat has 14 years of experience in design, art collection, marketing and sales. He has added significant value to LeadSquared with his killer marketing strategies and game-changing insights. In this webinar, Rajat will share the secrets to succeeding with PPC marketing.
Get ready to grab all the major insights on PPC & our top 3 PPC advertising platforms in our recorded webinar.
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Agenda of the Webinar
  • The PPC mistakes we made in the beginning
  • How we fixed them?
  • How are we improving every day?
  • PPC channels that work for us.
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