One of India's Leading Real Estate Developers' Journey to 40% Increase in Property Sales

There is no doubt regarding COVID-19s' catastrophic impact on real estate resulting in a series of changes in processes. Recent signs of relief in the commercial and residential space have however proven why digitizing and streamlining the customer onboarding journey is the cornerstone to drive more property conversions.

This detailed guide will teach you everything you need to know about one of India's leading real estate developers' journey to achieve a 40% increase in their property sales and the challenges faced by them prior to implementing LeadSquareds' Real Estate Solution.

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Key Highlights
With LeadSquared Real Estate CRM in place, the developer has moved to a completely automated and digital process from the earlier manual process. Through this case study, you'll learn how to:
Increase Sales Inquiries with 360-degree prospect view and self-service portals to keep prospects informed at all times.
Track Field sales activity using mobile CRM & advanced analytics on sales/marketing/channel partner(s) performance and sales funnel
Streamline Online customer journey by reducing customer turn around time and personalizing communication
Build A strong sales funnel & acquisition channels to boost your property inquiry to conversion ratio
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