A/B Testing:
Simplest Way to Increase Leads, Conversion & Enrollment Revenue In 2020
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In this LeadSquared webinar, Enrollment Resources co-founders, Gregg Meiklejohn & Shane Sparks highlight how your school can increase enrollment revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2020 through simple split tests.

Key takeaways:
  • What split testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are
  • How split testing and CRO bring unmatched value to the enrollment management process
  • What split testing could look like on your school’s website and landing pages through examples of actual client split tests — including their results
  • How to immediately put split testing to work for your school
  • How insights learned through testing can become new best practices
  • How those best practices can be applied within a lead management system, such as LeadSquared’s predictive lead scoring and drip communications
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Our Speakers

     Shane Sparks
         Co-Founder & COO
       Enrollment Resources

  Gregg Meiklejohn
          Co-Founder & CEO
        Enrollment Resources

  Shubhankit Mishra
 Director of Enrollment Solutions