Transform Your Insurance Agency Channel for the Post COVID Era

As per an FY18 survey,  more than 99% of life insurance policies were sold through face-to-face distribution. But with the onset of COVID-19, a report conducted 4 weeks into lockdown discovered that about half of the insurance agents saw a more than 40 per cent decrease in new business.

This guide will take you through the various channels of insurance distribution, the ifs & hows of the operational changes in the agents' journey and the methods of improving the growth trajectory of the agency channel in India.
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Key HighlightsWith the onset of technological advancements, what needs to change is the dynamics of the traditional face-to-face insurance distribution. It is essential for insurers to monitor the challenges and loopholes and identify practical solutions. This eBook will help you:
Policy sales through the agency channel of insurance
Agents' journey through a mobile solution
Agent efficiency to ensure higher ROI from the on-field teams 
Agency channel by building a highly productive field workforce

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