Loan CRM and Marketing Automation Software  
Sell more loans from your digital, field-sales & offline sources
Manage complete loan marketing, sales, up-sell/cross-sales, and your teams - field-sales & partners 
  Capture loan inquiries - From all your digital & offline campaigns

  New Loan Sales - Sales execution platform to sell more loans

  Call-center Integration - Integrate easily with your call center tools 

  Make more indirect sales - Enable your partners to sell more
  Get more Cross-sells - Identify cross-sell opportunities & sell more

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Used and loved by 750+ businesses worldwide

Complete loan application management
Manage everything from loan application, verification, and disbursal

750+ happy customers and growing

We use LeadSquared as an integrated marketing & sales automation tool for 100% of our web leads. Our fulfillment channels include website and call centers and integration and customization with relation to all these leads sources and fulfillment channels was required by the CRM solution. We have been able to address lead prioritization, tracking, leads and sales attribution, sales and lead automation etc.

Sanju Mathew George

Bharti AXA General Insurance

Leadquared is very powerful in allowing customizations, unlike large CRMs. We use it to power our new telephony-assisted online sales channel. Automations help us engage customers without delays, and we have increased our conversion rates. The lead capture is seamless from all sources. The in-built connectors, APIs & Web-hooks are simple to use and can be integrated with your core systems.

Prasad Subramanian

Exide Life Insurance

Capture online & offline loan applications

Capture loan applications from all your online and offline channels. Inquiries from loan aggregator websites, like BankBazaar, RuLoans etc. your own website, social channels, PPC campaigns, phone calls, and even traditional on-the-ground campaigns, like cross-promotional events can be captured. Leads from traditional channels like billboards, TV ads, print ads etc. can also be captured with telephony integration.

Distribute leads to sales & other teams

Distribute leads among your salespeople - based on different criteria of your choosing - including loan type, salesperson's availability, past performance, location or any other criteria important to you. In case of direct digital sales, i.e. if the loan application is made online directly, you can route these leads directly to the verification teams.

Track all the activities of your prospect

Always enable your salespeople to pitch the right loan! With complete lead-tracking, your salespeople have all the context they need to know the lead details, loans they are interested in, and other such details. Smart view of their leads helps them make the sales calls faster, increasing their productivity.

Connect LeadSquared with LOS & your other key systems

Use LeadSquared's developer platform (Lapps) to connect LeadSquared with your Loan Origination System and other systems, to fetch other important details about your leads, like their credit scores. Use these details to give a more personalized experience to your leads. For instance: Fetch Credit Scores, salary details etc. and let prospects know of the interest rates applicable on their loans

Improve call center efficiency

Send only those leads to your call center that do not close online. LeadSquared integrates with whichever call center software you already use. For all inbound and outbound calls, your agents will see progressive calling pop-ups. These pop-ups have all key lead details, and allow you to enter the notes of the conversation, set follow-up tasks etc. without ever leaving the pop-up screen or opening any more tabs. The pop-ups are completely customizable, help your salespeople immensely, and save tons of time. 

Generate custom cross-sell offers for your customers

Know your customers inside out - including the loans they are interested in, the ones they have already taken, and their repayment history. Use this to identify cross-sell opportunities. For example: a customer who has just taken a home loan, and makes regular repayments, might be eligible for a credit card. Using LeadSquared developer platform (Lapps), you can take this one step further, and fetch these signals from a 3rd party platform - like a Loan Origination system and create highly relevant offers.

Engage leads with dynamic content

Trigger dynamic communication with your leads, based on their preferences and activities. For example, send dynamic loan interest comparisons to leads based on their requirements. Fetch data accurately from your other systems, and use it to create highly customized messages.  

Identify the best closure opportunities

Help your team identify the loan inquiries that are most likely to close. Use quality score and lead score to put your prospects in different buckets, based on their salaries, credit scores, activities across your website etc., and help your sales team prioritize their tasks.

Includes mobile CRM

Enable your field sales team to be more efficient with LeadSquared mobile CRM. They can see all their leads, tasks for the day, and other important things on the mobile app. They get notified of their new leads on the app itself, after which they can make the calls directly from the app, making the whole process very convenient. All of this is tracked in LeadSquared as well. Features like leads near me further increase their productivity by telling them of their leads in their proximity.

Speed up document sharing and verification process

Make the document sharing, verification, and disbursal process fast and paperless, with LeadSquared mobile app. Salespeople can upload the documents directly from their mobile when they meet the customer, which are sent to the verification team instantly. This makes the loan approval or rejection process faster.

Manage field-sales, DSAs & partners

Keep a keen eye on all your on-field agents, including your own field salespeople, partners like Direct Sales Agents, and other 3rd party partners. Track their meetings, their actual movement as they travel for meetings, their collections, check-in/check-out time and more. 

User-based access

You can set limited lead-view for your teams and salespeople based on hierarchy. So, one salesperson can only see his own leads, his manager can see leads of all the salespeople reporting to him and so on. This helps you avoid data-theft, and builds a secure system

Complete marketing, sales, and cross-sell reports

Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, salespeople, and different loan types. You can measure salesperson effectiveness in terms of calls they have made, number of new loan sales or number of cross-sales. Even measure the time taken to sell each loan product type.

Integrate with all your favorite tools

Out-of-the-box integrations with all the major marketing, sales, and business tools that you use - including Google Adwords, Facebook, Chat tools, telephony & IVR tools and more. We even have Zapier connector that you can use to build all the Zaps you need, open APIs, which allow you to build your own connectors, and even a developer platform if you have in-house developers.