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Get actionable insights to sell faster and smarter

Capture property inquiries, Run campaigns and Engage prospects 

Turn your sales agents into super sellers

Capture property inquiries

Capture inquiries from all the online and offline campaigns 

Automated Workflow
Send automated listings to the leads based on their preference

 Track sales activities

Track all the phone conversations and activities of your sales team.

Agent Notification

Notify your agents when a new lead is assigned to them

Marketing Analytics

Send automated emails to prospects according to their location and preference.

Dynamic Reports

Analyze the performance of your sales reps by creating dynamic reports

Heavy on features, not on your wallet
Comes with honest pricing, responsive support and custom onboarding
Capture property inquiries 

Capture property inquiries from all possible campaigns - online & offline. This includes - real estate marketplaces all over the web – like 99Acres, CommonFloor, MagicBricks etc., PPC, social media and other campaigns, like Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., website and traditional channels, like newspaper ads, billboards, TV ads, events etc.

Capture property inquiries from your website

Use web chat, pop-up forms, push notifications and any other lead capture tool

Automatically Distribute inquiries to your agents

Assign inquiries to your real estate agents based on lead's location, property type (residential, commercial, rentals etc.) preferences, budgets and other factors. For instance, you might have different teams handling luxury apartments and economic ones. You can distribute leads based on these criteria right when the lead is generated.

Track property buyers' phone conversations

Every phone call - inbound or outbound, is captured and recorded in LeadSquared. In case of new inquiries, a new lead is created. In case of old leads, the prospect records are updated automatically to reflect new phone conversations. Seamless integration with SuperReceptionist, CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics and other call tracking software.

Segment your leads based on their preferences, locations and other factors

Budgets, real estate type, preferences, locations - use everything to segment property buyers


Capture all your interactions with the potential buyers

Whether the prospect calls your agents, books a site visit, sends or receives an email or SMS from your agents, or communicates through any other channel, all the conversations are tracked within LeadSquared.

Email Campaign Reports

Get detailed analytics on how your dynamic communication campaigns, emails, SMSs etc. are performing. You get details like the best subject lines, best days of the week and the times of the day to send emails. 


Automate marketing messages and sales tasks accordingly

Send relevant messages to leads based on their inquiries, preferences and position in the buying cycle

Real Estate CRM - Lead Quality Scoring

Completely customize the lead quality score

Help your sales team identify the best sales opportunities by using lead quality score. Define what qualifies as a high-quality lead to you, and all your leads will be scored accordingly. Makes sales prioritization easy.

Filter junk leads with mobile verification

Filter out the junk leads during lead capture with mobile number verification. Watch your sales pipeline fill with higher quality leads, as the leads with wrong mobile numbers are disqualified right at the onset.  


Make your agents more efficient with mobile CRM

Leads near me, task assignment, reminders and much more

Get detailed performance reports

Identify the sources fetching the most number of property leads. Get custom dashboard to track the performance of your agents by the number of site visits booked, properties sold, revenue generated, or any other criteria important to you.

Real estate connectors

Integrates with all the popular real estate marketing, sales, telephony and call center apps that you use and love. You can even sync data with your CRM applications. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.

Real estate CRM - Marketing and Sales connectors

Our channels for acquiring customers are not just online. Before LeadSquared, there was a lot of leakage in fetching all the online & offline leads. We have drastically reduced leakage in 6 major channels, with present leakage less than 1%. Another great benefit is standardization of our communication to customers.

Akhil Sikri
Co-Founder, Zolo Stays

Our organization generates leads from Facebook ads, IVR, web chat, and websites. The lead capture is seamless in LeadSquared. We use the automation features as well, to keep teams updated and also engage with customers without delays. I can say that LeadSquared has helped us improve our conversion rates.

Vijaykrishna G

Manager, IT - Axis Capstone

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