Unlock The Secret To Create High Converting Landing Pages

Loaded with practical examples and tests

How to create conversion optimized landing pages

Why do landing pages convert?

All my learnings in the last three years working in and out with landing pages every day, having spent countless dollars and hours on online ads. It eventually came down to one secret.

What is in the book

Chapter 1 ) Website vs Landing page

A landing page is where your web visitors should land when you promote a specific offer, especially when you are paying for these visits (think PPC ads). The tragedy is that business send their ad traffic to their website homepage.

Chapter 2 ) A winning landing page

It definitely takes more than just a page with a form. After testing 100+ pages, I identified what worked for me. Want to know what they are and how they spiked conversions ?

Chapter 3 ) Landing Page HABITS

It is confusing to remember all the important elements of  the landing page, so we came up with the Acronym “ HABITS” which you will always remember

Chapter 4 ) The Secret Weapon

Keep this handy, and fill it every time you create a new landing page. This ensures that you don’t miss out any crucial conversion element.

About the Author

 Rajat- Arora- Landing-Page-Optimization

Rajat Arora
Designer at LeadSquared

Rajat is a designer and marketer at LeadSquared. He has 10+ years of experience in design, advertising, art collection and marketing. If you have any questions about landing pages and website conversion, you can connect with him directly at @conversionspike or write to him at rajat.arora [at] leadsquared [dot] com.