Virtual Roundtable

Building Patient Trust in the Digital Age

10th July, 2024 | 4:00 PM IST

Come along as we blueprint how to earn unwavering patient trust in our digital future. From calling out myth-busting tactics to rethinking how we leverage tech for transparency, nothing's off the table.
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Let's redefine earning patient trust!

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Our Speakers

Dr. Raj Gopal
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sanjay Pandey
Chief Executive Officer

Harish Trivedi
CEO - South Asia

Suresh Ramu
Co-founder & CEO

Shraddha Somani
Director - Key Accounts

Today's digital world empowers patients. They research symptoms online, compare treatment options, and even book appointments – all before ever stepping into a hospital.

This digital independence creates a crucial challenge: building trust in a virtual landscape. Research shows a staggering 60% of healthcare journeys begin digitally, highlighting the importance of establishing a strong online presence that fosters trust.

This roundtable discussion brings together industry leaders to offer actionable insights on building and maintaining patient trust in the digital age.

Key Discussion Points
  • 1. Uncover patient anxieties & build lasting trust.
  • 2. Proven strategies for healthcare providers to win online trust.
  • 3. Navigate data security & privacy in the digital healthcare world.
  • 3. Unlock the power of a trustworthy digital healthcare environment.