The 2021 EdTech
Sales Strategy

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire field of learning has changed. Living rooms and kitchen tables are now replaced as orderly classrooms. Through the panic, technology has emerged as a shining solution to a very unexpected problem, and many of our leaders in EdTech managed to quickly adapt to these new realities and sell educational products. 

Join us for this exclusive webinar on "The 2021 EdTech Sales Strategy", where EdTech Sales Experts from Vedantu and LeadSquared, will share their Best Sales Strategies to accelerate EdTech Sales Processes and achieve greater results.

Discussion points

  • Explore the Emerging Key Factors for scaling sales & operations from x to 10x
  • Learn how to create an Effective EdTech Sales Process
  • Understand how to drive Upsells & Cross sells
  • Learn how to get the most out of Call Center sales in EdTech
  • Importance of Automation in EdTech Sales Process
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Meet The Speakers
Murali is the Vice President - Sales at LeadSquared. He has over 10 years of experience in sales and has led several teams during this time. Prior to LeadSquared, he was a Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank, where he mastered the sales process & pipeline of financial institutions. Off late, he has been extensively working with the education sector, helping schools, colleges, universities and ed-tech businesses, fill more seats faster!
Murali Krishna Vice President - Sales 
Ankit is hard working and conscientious by nature, and could always be relied upon to get things done properly even under considerable pressure. Having completed his education at some of the renowned educational institutes in the country viz. NIT Surathkal, and IIM Bangalore, he is a perseverant individual, passionate about solving problems with a flair for leading people and collaborating in teams wherever possible.
Ankit Chowdhary Head - Sales Strategy and Planning