24th September at 5 pm IST​

Gaining a Microscopic View into the Admission Funnel


  Evolving post-Covid admission trends

  Enabling higher efficiency for admission counselors 

  Enabling admissions on the go with a virtual application/post-application process  

  Best strategies to boost conversion rates in Higher Ed

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With the admission session knocking on the door, educational institutions are on the lookout for a tool that helps them gain data-driven insights into their admission operations. In this webinar, Rakesh Kumar, Head, Marketing & Admissions, will cover the best ways to gain a microscopic view into the enrollment funnel and student application/post-application process. We will also touch upon:
  1. Higher education in the Covid era
  2. How have things shaped up in terms of admissions for various courses/streams when we compare pre & post Covid-19 standards
  3. How to automate the admission process to increase counselor efficiency
  4. Reducing applicant drop-off rates
Meet The Speaker
​​Rakesh is a versatile professional with 16 years of high growth experience in Marketing Communication, Demand Generation, Product Management & Customer Success, in diverse sectors, including Education, Software Solutions, E-Commerce & FMCG.

   Rakesh Kumar
Head of Marketing at IMT CDL, Ghaziabad