Are you making these 17 website mistakes?

What is inside this e-book?

Last month, I reviewed over 180  websites. It was tasking, but the findings have been worth every minute spent. I ended up realizing that most website mistakes follow a similar pattern.
With this e-book, I want to help you look in the right direction

I really appreciate the time and genuine effort you have put in. More than that, it is the patience with which you have offered solutions in clear language has really impressed me.

Mani Sarma


A handy book to have - clearly outlines the common over sights we tend to make. Had me double checking and analyzing every website I came across. Good stuff!

Dhiraj Sharma


About the Author


Rajat Arora
Conversion Spiker at LeadSquared

Rajat is a designer and marketer at LeadSquared. He has 10+ years of experience in design, advertising, art collection and marketing. If you have any questions about landing pages and website conversion, you can connect with him directly at @conversionspike or write to him at rajat.arora [at] leadsquared [dot] com.