The Rise of the EdTech Titans
The rise of EdTech over the last decade proves that technology can help achieve better educational outcomes. With so many challengers in the market, EdTechs need a definite strategy to differentiate themselves from others. This book sheds light on the strategies of leading EdTechs that helped them scale, increase retention, enhance teaching effectiveness, reduce costs, and increase access.
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Key Highlights
In order to keep your EdTech in sync with the new digital reality, a strategic investment needs to be made to accelerate course subscription rates, as people are skeptical about choosing from a variety of EdTechs. This Guidebook will help you:
Your day-to-day operations and whiteboard activities 
Your sales and marketing methods to ensure higher ROI from sales and marketing teams
Innovative methods by implementing technology to capture student inquiries and help convert them into paying customers 
Build A strong sales funnel with the help of brand marketing and multiple student acquisition channels

In order to stand out, one needs to innovate in terms of the courses and tech; however, it is equally important to ensure that the students get the best possible experience before they make their choice. Here are a few other things that'll help here:

1. Automating the student onboarding processes.
2. Connecting different platforms, teams, and channels for end-to-end student lifecycle management.
3. Making it easy for educators to join and use the platforms.
4. Adopting new learning techniques like gamification, and interactive classrooms to motivate students.

In regard to the first three points, LeadSquared, has you covered. As a tech partner for top EdTechs, we'll help you accelerate your course subscription rates and ensure you stay ahead of the exponentially growing demand. 
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